What To Look For In An Interim Leader For A Long-Term Care Facility

The term “long-term care facility” describes a variety of organizations dedicated to the long-term care of individuals who need medical and personal assistance and supervision 24/7. Long-term care facilities can include nursing homes, sub-acute rehab facilities, and assisted living facilities, all of which are staffed with full-time nursing directors and administrators. Having good leaders in place is crucial to the quality of daily operations and patient care, so if a key administrator takes a leave of absence or leaves the job altogether, the facility must get an interim leader on board immediately to fill the gap. The following are some of the most important things to look for in an interim leader.


First and foremost, a good interim leader is someone who has previous experience in a leadership role in a long-term care facility. Not only that, he or she needs to have up-to-date certification and a solid record of continuing education, indicating familiarity with current regulations and best practices. By hiring an interim administrator or clinical director who knows how to keep the facility in compliance with current federal regulations, a long-term care facility guarantees that patient safety will remain a top priority.


Another valuable trait in an interim director is the ability to understand the needs of a new environment and adapt to it. In some workplaces, staff members thrive under gentle and compassionate leadership, while in other environments, staff members need an administrator who will hold them to a higher standard and make sure they reach it. The latter may be the case if the former leader was not a strong leader.

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Communication Skills

Excellent communication skills are a must for an interim leader who will be working with a staff that is new to him or her. The interim must be able to quickly form relationships and build a cohesive team. In most positions, a leader also needs to be able to communicate productively with residents, their family members, and the general public. If a resident or family member has a concern, the interim administrator or clinical director will need to be able to assess the situation and provide a resolution.

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